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Naraku 4-Stroke Performance

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Exhaust Naraku Traffic Piaggio AC-LC

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The street-legal Naraku Traffic system combines a contemporary fresh lines with a pleasant sound. Thus, the complex integrated optically very well in the new outfits of modern vehicles. It works even when the current futuristic scooter bodies do not stale and does not present itself characterized as a cheap replacement exhaust system.

However, Naraku Traffic can be seen not only in the outer values. The results in the torque curve and power delivery in dethrottled state are among the best in its class. The speed range is very wide and makes the installation by simply tuned in tuning work.

The exhaust is delivered with a Reduction in the manifold and corresponds in this state, the original engine performance. Each plant has an e-mark and is therefore permitted on public roads. Removal of Reducing leads to significantly more power and invalidate the street legal. The exhaust is ideal for use on 50cc original cylinders or 70cc sport cylinders.

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