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Ballistol universal oil 200ML

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1 Stuk

Environmentally friendly - Biodegradable.

The perfect special oil, which should not be missing in any fine mechanical and hobby workshop.
Even dissolves old contaminants and resins that have arisen through the use of unsuitable oil.
Cleans, emulsifies, lubricates, preserves, disinfects. Thanks to superior creep capacity, it also lubricates the most difficult corners.
Extremely suitable for maintenance of the car (chromed parts, rusted bolts, non-slip locks, etc.) ..
This universal oil dissolves deposits and protects steel and iron against rust.

€7.58 excl. VAT

€9.17 incl. VAT


Chain spay Valvoline PTFE 500 ML

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1 Stuk

EAN: 8710941030029

Excellent mechanical and thermal stability
Very low friction factor
Excellent adhesion
Prevents wear and sticking
Resistant to weather influences
Resistant to weak acids and bases
Fine structure (particle size around 5 microns)
Water repellent
Targeted Jet spray

€4.68 excl. VAT

€5.66 incl. VAT


Chain spray Valvoline White 100 ML

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1 Stuk

EAN: 8710941543215

€3.68 excl. VAT

€4.45 incl. VAT