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Crankshaft Bidalot RF Min.AM6 80-90cc

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1 Stuk


€201.84 excl. VAT

€244.23 incl. VAT


Crankshaft Bidalot RF Min.AM6 94cc Stroke: 48.00 mm. Conrod lenght: 95 mm.

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1 Stuk
Bidalot Racing Factory
Stroke : 48 mm.
Conrod lenght : 95 mm.

Aprilia MX 50 AM6
Aprilia RS 50 AM6
Aprilia SX 50 AM6
Beta RR 50 AM6
MBK X-Limit 50 AM6
MBK X-Power 50 AM6
Motorhispania Furia 50 AM6
Motorhispania RX 50 AM6
Motorhispania RYZ 50 AM6
Peugeot XP6 50 AM6
Peugeot XR6 50 AM6
Rieju MRX 50 AM6
Rieju RR 50 AM6
Rieju RS1 50 AM6
Rieju RS2 50 AM6
Rieju SMX 50 AM6
Rieju Spike 50 AM6
Yamaha DT 50 AM6
Yamaha TZR 50 AM6

€230.23 excl. VAT

€278.58 incl. VAT


Crankshaft Bidalot RF50WR-R Derbi Euro2

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1 Stuk

Forged conrod, conrod length : 90 mm.
Very precise crank pin fitting.
Delivered with a  Ø12xØ17x15mm small end bearing.
Ø18xØ24x11.8mm Silver big end needle cage, with free needles. Racing quality.
Ø18mm crankpin.
Dimpled side friction washers, in bronze.

€125.85 excl. VAT

€152.28 incl. VAT